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Visitation to Malaysia International Marine Expo (MIMEX) 2023

At the Malaysia International Marine Expo (MIMEX) 2023, #MEIF advisor Kee Sin Yoong offered profound insights into greening the maritime sector. His expertise shone during the session, with insights on sustainability efforts in Port Klang and Tanjung Pelepas. Yoong highlighted the significance of addressing Scope 1&2 emissions and enhancing green initiatives in horizontal transportation systems.

This discussion aligns with MEIF's mission to foster collaborative innovation within the M&E industry. The partnership with the M&E Productivity Nexus (#MEPN) exemplifies how united efforts can significantly impact sustainability and efficiency across sectors. Yoong's presentation not only underlined the importance of green practices in maritime but also showcased a potential model for broader industry collaboration towards a sustainable future.


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