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To be the Principal Advocate for the Development of a World Class Malaysian Machinery and Engineering, Manufacturing and Services Industry.



  • To integrate and transform local players into the world class global value chain by facilitating and assisting members in enhancing productivity and technology to provide new, better and more competitive products and services.

  • To provide consultative resource to government and government related agencies in policy advocacy, strategy formulation and implementation, incentives and assistance programmes.

  • To facilitate in reformation, rationalisation and harmonisation of regulatory requirements relating to the industry

Role of MEiF

  • Enhancing productivity and global competitiveness

  • Seminars, consultation guidance and information exchange about the industry

  • Promotion of international trade, investment co-operation and joint-ventures

  • Investigation, research and compilation of information on domestic and global machinery and engineering supporting industries

  • Research and survey on development of machinery and engineering supporting industries

  • Protection of member's legal rights

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