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Taiwan-Based Elite Material Co Ltd (EMC) Invests RM900 Million In Penang To Produce Copper-Clad Laminates

GEORGE TOWN: Taiwan-based copper-clad laminate manufacturer Elite Material Co Ltd (EMC) is investing RM900 million to set up Penang Science Park North facility.

EMC chairman and chief executive officer Albert Dong said it started construction on 5.6 hectares (13.84 acres) in Penang Science Park North. There will be two phases with the first expected to be completed in the first half of 2025.

Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) is a key base material of printed circuit board (PCB) and is manufactured by laminating copper foil onto insulation layer composed of resin, glass fabric, filler and other chemicals. This project is another critical link that will further complete the semiconductor production value chain and its ecosystem in Malaysia.


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