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MTE 2024 X LOGO MEIF.jpg

(MTE 2024)

(9 - 12 October 2024, MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

About the Event

Industry 5.0 is transforming traditional industrial sectors by seamlessly integrating technologies such as AI, IoT, and robotics, fostering collaboration and innovation.

As boundaries between industries dissolve, a dynamic ecosystem emerges, where efficiency and customisation flourish. This ongoing convergence demands businesses to evolve to stay competitive.

The Malaysia’s International Trade Fair for Manufacturing & Trade Solutions, Manufacturing and Trade Expo (MTE) embodies this evolution.

Bringing together four major specialised trade fairs under one roof, it offers participants a wealth of knowledge and foster new business ideas and connections, propelling the industry to new heights.

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Build A Future Team 2024 (BAFT 2024)

(16-17 October 2024, Intercontinental Bali Resort Hotel)








About the Event

PEOPLElogy will be hosting a Human Resources Conference - "Build A Future Team 2024" (BAFT 2024) in Bali, on 16-17 October 2024.

The target audience for the conference are HR Leaders across Southeast Asia holding titles such as CHROs, CPOs, CLOs, CHCOs, Head of HRs, SVP & VPs of HR, HR Senior Managers and such. Business leaders such as CEOs would also be encouraged to join, as the theme of the conference is focused on Building the Future Talents.

PEOPLElogy can provide a special rate discount of 10% for MEIF members to attend this conference, and currently they have a free accommodation package valid until 30th June where there will be value add-on for our members.

To find out more about the conference, you can visit the website at

📌Building A Future Team 2024
📅Date: 16-17 October 2024
⌚Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
📍Venue: Intercontinental Bali Resort Hotel


For assistance with registration contact:
Serene Tan
+60 12 791-9095

BAFT 2024 Conference Banner (NEW)_edited.jpg

Training & Talent Development

Car Factory

SHRDC Malaysian

Smart Factory 4.0 Courses

SHRDC (Selangor Human Resource Development Centre) is providing courses for Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0. To learn more about these courses and how they can benefit your organisation.

  • For public courses with a minimum number of 3 attendees, SHRDC will provide a 5% discount. 

  • For in-house training (more than 10 attendees), SHRDC can discuss further on the special price to be given.

Latest News

Past Events

Industry Productivity


Machinery & Equipment Productivity Nexus (MEPN) is continuing its Virtual Advisory Clinic - MEVAC to support businesses in the M&E industry to stay competitive and productive.

What is MEVAC?

  • Channel for local enterprises to raise matters of mutual interests, especially in the M&E sector;

  • One-hour dialogue with Advisors, who are the experts in the M&E industry;

  • Platform to disseminate information on selected assistance available to the industry; and

  • Reference for updates on various programmes available to enhance overall industry productivity and competitiveness, which are essential for business sustainability.​

Productivity 1010 Flyer 2021.jpg


PRODUCTIVITY1010 is the initiative to assist businesses in the manufacturing sector and manufacturing related services to kick start their digitization journey.


  • Allow company to self-check digitisation readiness using Digitisation Self-Diagnostic Tool

  • Assist company to digitize targeted manufacturing processes based on proof-of-concept project via training and on-site engagement.


  • Business Owners/CEOs and engineers/technician in the Manufacturing and Manufacturing Service-Related Sectors

  • 5,000 companies for Intervention (all sizes)

Productivity Nexus

The Sector Productivity Nexus covering nine subsectors, led by industry champions who have identified to role model for change, have been formed to drive the implementation of the initiatives. Under the Productivity Nexus, industry associations and enterprise champions are empowered to capitalise on their strong connections and networks with sector players, practical knowledge, and role as the collective voice of the sector.

Materialising the intended impact of Malaysia Productivity Blueprint requires well-designed and implemented programmes. Since its launch in 2017, these nine Productivity Nexus, through MPC, have organised several programmes utilising the public-private partnership governance model.

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