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Enertec Asia 2024 WATT's Next Roadshow

Kicking off ENERtec Asia's WATT's Next Roadshow Series 2024 with a bang, and we at MEIF are proud to support this groundbreaking series which sets the stage for championing the charge towards transformative energy technology and sustainable solutions. 

We're excited to see how this initiative will spark conversations and drive innovation in the energy sector. Looking forward to delving into the future of energy and explore cutting-edge solutions, as ENERtec Asia 2024 promises to be an invaluable experience for professionals across the industry, providing insights into emerging trends and the opportunity to connect with thought leaders.

A big congratulations to TEEAM MY and Informa Markets on the success of the Klang Valley edition, all the best for your next stops in Penang and Johor – let's shape the future of energy together! 


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