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Industry Roundtable Discussion with the China Productivity Center (CPC) 

MEIF hosted an Industry Roundtable Discussion with the China Productivity Center (CPC) on Smart Manufacturing at SHRDC. Chaired by MEIF President Mac Ngan Boon and supported by MEPN, the session was well attended by representatives of MEIF member associations:

Machinery And Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)

Malaysia Automation Technology Association IMATA)

Malaysian Special Tooling and Machining Association (MSTMA)

Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC)

Presentations delved into the manufacturing landscapes of Malaysia and Taiwan, highlighting challenges and opportunities for productivity improvement.

Mr. Khe Hock Tiong of MATA outlined Malaysia's manufacturing sector, focusing on the dominance of the E&E industry. Despite maturity, technology adoption lags due to leadership mindset, costs, and talent shortages. Ts. Dr. Chua Wen-Shyan shared on efforts undertaken by Malaysia Smart Factory to bridge the skills gap. Dr. Eugene Lin of CPC spotlighted Taiwan's thriving E&E and M&E sectors, with over 80% of SMEs embracing Industry 4.0 technologies.

These presentations set the stage for discussions on potential collaboration, especially the sharing of technology know-how, and joint research projects. The session concluded with a tour of SHRDC's Malaysian Smart Factory facilities.


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